Our Story

This is why we do this!

Gale Marine was founded in the quest to find a reliable Air boat that would meet the demanding requirements of a sportsman in the Midwest.  The boat would have to meet the unique challenges of running on ice, snow, water and dry ground.  In the quest we have developed our own hull design that is reinforced to hold up to the abuse and unique challenges of icy conditions and frigid temperatures.

To power these vessels, we have developed an extremely reliable engine package built on the fuel-injected, General Motors LS engine platform. This engine produces superior reliability and a very good horsepower-to-weight ratio.

To transform that power into thrust that will efficiently and quietly power your craft, we have partnered with Ballistic Gear Drives and Whirlwind Propellers as we believe they are ahead of the technology curve in the Air boat industry.

On all of our custom made boats we strive for a uniquely tailored craft to fit your needs and dreams.

Gale Marine comes from our Wisconsin hometown of Galesville. We decided that the right boats and motor combinations would take the midwest like a “gale” forced wind.  We are proud too build in the USA.