Meet Gale Marine!

Gale Marine LLC was founded in 2012 by Jake Tupper, who had been researching and refining his boat building skills since 2007 in his garage.  An avid sportsman, Jake was on a quest to build reliable and airboats that would meet the unique challenges of running on ice, snow, water, mud, heavy vegetation, and the rough terrain a sportsman in the Midwest can encounter.  In this quest, he developed the durable Gale Marine hull which is designed to hold up to these challenges.  With every custom boat build, they strive to design an extremely durable and uniquely tailored boat to fit their customers’ needs.  The shop these boats are produced in is located at the end of the gravel road at W16954 Pow Wow Ln., 3 miles south of Galesville, Wisconsin.  It has a 10 & 20 ft press brake, CNC Plasma Table, 12 ft shear, and much more.

Custom Air Boat

As they expanded their line of custom boats for the sportsman to include mud boats, work boats, and trailers, Jake added his son Mark Tupper to the team. Mark has been in the shop with his Dad since he was 12 and became a certified welder. Jake’s son Cole has been involved in the shop as well in the paint department and assists in the shop too. Both are helping Gale Marine to become the home of the area’s finest custom-made flat bottom boats. On that note, Jake has always believed in helping the youth acquire skills they can use the rest of their lives. For this reason, he’s been actively involved as a participating employer in the Youth Apprenticeship Program at the local school district and has designed airboat hulls in support of the Technology & Engineering Department for their Airboat Projects at Rio Community School. Encouraging youth to participate in outdoorsman activities, Gale Marine also sponsors a number of local youth trap teams.

If you want to upgrade your current airboat with a new custom design or accessories, Gale Marine’s custom fabrication service is here to help. The team is willing to work with any of your ideas or special needs. Whether it’s new grass rake or cage built, new polymer, a new spud pole and brackets installed, a new windshield or anything else, give them a call.  They are a dealer of Ox Drive Reductions, QuickSlick, Century Drive Systems, WhirlWind Propellers, and Max It Out LEDs for Extreme Navigation.
You can count on personalized service from Gale Marine, a family owned business that takes care of its customers.  For more information about Gale Marine, contact them by phone at 608-865-1208. Follow us on Facebook!