Pro-Drive Outboards

Shallow Water Mud Motors

Gale Marine is proud to carry Pro-Drive Outboards. They are the inventors, manufacturers and outdoorsmen that brought you the first ever Shallow Water Outboard specifically designed for hunting, fishing, trapping, bowfishing, and commercial purposes.  It only made sense to power the such a well designed custom boat with the most reliable surface drive mud motor on the market.  The full power auto reverse is impressive and can get you out of a jam quickly and painlessly.  Pro-Drive motors pair well with our custom boats which have a tapered chine, providing superior handling when you need it most.  Contact us for a free demo ride and see for yourself how the Pro-Drive Outboard handles with our boats!

Pro-Drive Shallow Water Outboards provide the following features:

  • Surface Drive Propeller
  • Neutral
  • A Gear Driven Lower Unit
  • Full Power Auto Reverse
  • A Reduced Propeller to Engine RPM Ratio
  • Hydraulic Power Trim for instant on-the-fly adjustment
  • A Twist Grip Throttle Control which Eliminates The Need of a Cable
  • Ease of Operation from a Seated or Standing Position
  • Optional Remote Steering & Power Trim
  • Available in 25hp (great kicker motor for bowfishing!) and 40hp (our most popular with our mud boats)

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Find out how this top of the line mud motor will make the difference in your experience on the water by contacting us at Gale Marine!